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Vulnerable- Stones of Stones

When you begin to share, really share and mix and blend and mash it all up, you begin to loose the thread. It becomes difficult to remember how everything is connected. Who owns what? Who created which piece of the tapestry becomes less and less important. It is at this moment, knee deep in creation, when you look around and find yourself immersed in an unnameable magic. I have been riding a wave of unprecedented creativity since the beginning of the year. Here is what some of it looks like.

A few weeks ago, I  created this mash-up and wrote this post about it. The post created one of my favorite exchanges in the comment sections about art and life and openness. A few days later, Keri Lee Beasley shared this amazing Ted Talk with me by Brene Brown I encourage you to watch it in it’s entirety:

I was so moved by her message that I had to give it life in my new favorite medium- the mash-up. This time I used music from Noise Professor. Who had created the music for another project of mine- a musical, photography/poetry thing I am doing with Zach Chase.

I hope to write more on her talk and ideas later, as I see her research as validation for my entire philosophy, but for now, I will let her words and the music sum it up.

Vulnerable Stones of Stones by intrepidflame

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Open up. Share wholeheartedly. Make connections.  Let’s have this chat in the comments. What do think?